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🇺🇸Memorial Day Weekend Pool Hours🇺🇸
Current water temp: 83!

The members enjoyed a perfect day at the LCC Pool. Hope you have a great weekend!
Below: The first member in the water, 5-25-19
Diving into a great opening weekend

Litchfield Country Club Pool and Swim Update
​SPLASH! That’s a sound we’ve been waiting for! You and your child jumping into the beautiful and clean waters of the Litchfield Country Club pool! About me:​My name is Christopher Marchand. Recognize my last name? That’s right, I’m Coach Andrew’s youngest brother. I’ve been hired here at LCC as the new Pool Director and Head Coach of the swim team. I know I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but I am confident with all of your support we’re going to have a great pool season (I also have Andrew on speed dial so that helps). Over the past 11 years, I’ve coached the NW YMCA Lasers, Litchfield Area Swim Team, and Woodridge Lake Swim Team. I teach third grade in Torrington. My two kids, Maverick and Noelle are the best part of my day and I am married to my best friend,Katlin who is the glue to our crazy little family.  ​Pool Update:The grounds crew and lifeguards have the poollooking better than ever. We will maintain the cleanliness of the pool …

Memorial Day Weekend Hours

The pool is looking mighty fine! The water temperature is hovering near 80 and will be perfect for your enjoyment this weekend! Fingers crossed for all sun!
Saturday - Monday 10:00a - 7:00p

The pool cover is off!

The ice has melted and Spring has sprung! The pool cover is off and the brand new heating system is working hard! Next up, a good, hard scrubbing to make the pool area shine!!! Happy Spring - Chris